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IP Legal Studio LLC represents national/international recording artists, independent record, tv and film companies, actors, managers, indie labels, entertainment venues, producers, photographers, models and modeling agencies, talent scouts, promoters, booking agents, publishers, teachers, leaders, spiritual and metaphysical guides, with extensive trademark, copyright, licensing, litigation and business formation experience.

23+ years of experience in negotiating, drafting and editing agreements for film, television, music and the internet.

Talent, composition, licensing, and royalty agreements (actors, directors, writers, producers, musicians, composers).

Film production, distribution, releases, NDAs, animation, documentary and reality film/TV agreements, merchandising, licenses, releases, clearances, master and synchronization licenses.

Agreements in recording, music publishing, touring, performing, book publishing, management, employment, copyrights, option, purchase, life story rights agreements for scripts and books, bands, etc.

We provide efficient personalized legal services to artists and independent business owners, and are dedicated to preserving creativity and balancing it with legal requirements.

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